Make an Ideal Bed

This is how our experts recommend that you make a bed that will be best for your horse and easiest and least wasteful for you to maintain:

Bags Required

The average empty loose box or stable should require 4 – 6 bags of shavings to create the best depth of bed. Each 20kg BEDMAX bag is pressure-packed and contains a consistent volume of shavings that will cover about 2 to 3 square metres.

Fluffing Up

Use a shavings fork to loosen and aerate the packed shavings, and spread them evenly. (We recommend a Multi Mucka 10-tine fork for BEDMAX. The same fork will be ideal for mucking out with minimum waste.)


Create a level bed 6 – 8 inches deep covering the entire floor but leaving space at the doorway to minimise spillage. This is important both for your horse’s comfort and welfare, but also because a deeper bed manages moisture more efficiently and requires less replacement bedding.


Some owners like to bank shavings about 12 – 18 inches high around walls as a ‘reserve’ of clean, dry shavings. Heaping banks when mucking out will also prolong your bed life. Rubber matting is increasingly used as a substrate on stable floors.

This Season

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