AWR100 EID Stick Reader
AWR100 EID Stick Reader

The Agrident AWR100 is a powerful, portable EiD reader. It reads tags quickly and at a distance if necessary. Designed for on farm, abattoir and mart use. The rugged IP67 rated RFID stick reader is fully ISO 11784/5 compliant.
Key features of the AWR100 include:
  • Continuous read mode - captures numbers quickly
  • Capacity for 5000 records in as many groups as required
  • Simple to use one button operation
  • Both audio and visual indication of number capture
  • Records date and time stamp against read records
  • Can be connected directly to a compatible printer
  • Ability to scan back through the numbers collected
  • Data collected can be downloaded into a computer and used, with or without farm management software
  • Robust, with IP67 rating *
  • Rechargeable battery
The AWR100 offers some unique features including a dual power mode. On the high power mode the AWR 100 offers an exceptional read range, alternatively using the low power mode reduces the read range, but the internal battery lasts up to 3 times longer. The built in LED at the tip of the reader indicates when a tag has been read by changing from red to green. A two line display permits ID reading while scanning without turning the reader. The weight of the reader has been carefully balanced for operator comfort. The stick reader stores up to 5000 tags with a time-stamp. Animal identification numbers can also be stored in groups. The permanent read mode is useful when fast reading is required, e.g. at loading or unloading of animals. The AWR is the perfect tool for livestock transport companies, a reading service could be offered to customers providing them with a list of animals collected or delivered for their records.
  • ABE100 Bluetooth module for AWR100
  • APS200 Fast charger
  • ARB100 Rechargeable battery pack
*IP67 means: 6 (solids) - Total dust ingress protection, 7 (liquids) - Protected against immersion between 15cm and amp; 1m depth.
See the AWR200 in action along with ICONIX electronic weighing equipment in the Alligator mobile sheep handling system here.

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